We encourage engagement through our social media platforms.  However, as we are a family-friendly venue and have followers of all ages there are strict rules about the content on these platforms.

Our team monitor each social media platform for posts/comments that do not adhere to this policy. 

We will remove comments/posts that include, but not limited to:
•          Offensive language.
•          Racial vilification.
•          Gender vilification.
•          Content of a sexual nature.
•          Content of a violent, threatening or bullying nature.
•          External campaigns; and
•          Derogatory and defamatory comments directed at Teams, Drivers, Speedway Staff/Officials, Affiliates, and other social media users.

A three (3) strike system has been implemented on our social media platforms. Users who have comments removed three (3) times by Latrobe Speedway staff may be warned initially, then blocked permanently from engaging on our social media channels.

We thank you for your adherence to our Social Media Policy.  We aim to offer an engaging experience for all of our followers.