It is a condition of entry to our venue/s patrons do not undertake any of the following without written authorisation of Latrobe Speedway Management:

1. Record or take any photograph for anything other than private non-commercial purposes or
2. Publish any recording of any person without the written authorisation of that person or;
3. Sell, license or otherwise publish, disseminate or reproduce (or permit such), whether in whole or in part, any recordings taken or made inside the venue (including, without limitation, photographs, video recordings, data recordings or sound recordings)
4. Live broadcast via Facebook or any other online platform.

We appreciate the continued support of our venues and thank our patrons for adherence to the above policy at all times.


Policy Clarification

Due to confusion following the implementation of our live streaming policy we have compiled the below Q&A to assist in answering any questions you have.  To us it’s black and white.

Question:          Can I film races?
Answer:             Yes you can film races.  You CANNOT live stream any race meetings whether in part or full.

Question:         Can I post to a public forum or social media at the end of the meeting?
Answer:             Yes, again you can post your videos after the race meeting.  Live video’s streamed online are out of the question.


Question:        I know a person who is interstate and can’t attend but wants to watch, can I live stream?
Answer:           No this is prohibited.  We’re sure they’ll enjoy the racing after the meeting.

Question:        It’s too expensive and I know a person who wants to watch but can’t afford to go.
Answer:           Sadly, if you can’t afford to do something, then you miss out.  Speedway isn’t an essential service that must be available to everyone, it’s a sport in which you pay to attend and watch. 

Would it be acceptable to Live Stream a movie at the cinema because that person couldn’t afford to attend?  No.  Would you complain to a fast-food shop about wanting it for free because you couldn’t afford it?  Certainly not. 

Question:        Not allowing Live Streaming, It’s all about the dollar.
Answer:           Correct.  It should come as no surprise, but venues cannot operate without revenue.
                          Each venue has an opportunity to run somewhere between 10-15 events per year (Depending on weather and COVID!).  This small window gives us a small period to cover costs such as

  • Rent / Rates
  • Power
  • Insurances
  • Maintenance
  • Infrastructure upgrades

Not to mention Division Payouts on events which are run successfully.  There’s not much left at the end of the night!

How would you manage to pay your rent / mortgage if you only worked 15 days a year?
It would be right to assume it would be a struggle.

We appreciate people are extremely passionate about speedway, as we are!  However, those whom paint a picture of management to be the bad guys in the sport is wearing rather thin.  We run the venues because we love Speedway, not because we’re lining our bathrooms in gold.  If your about to hit the send button on a post about any of the above, think twice, as our social media guys are tired and will likely hit the block button instead of the like button.